The average fit girl (noun): a 22 year old female just working on her fitness

Seriously this time..

Hey internet people, my name is Alyssa. I’m 22 years old and I am incredibly average. I’m in college, I do school work, I work a part-time job, and I’m pretty much like every other college-aged person (Does every other college-aged person have a blog?). I’m here typing away to you all because of this little passion of mine that we all know as fitness. Now, before you go ahead and assume that I am some extremely fit, chiseled, athletic female – don’t get ahead of yourself. Do me a favor and check back to the title: I am AVERAGE. I’m 5 foot 3, ranging between 127-130 pounds and yea, I have muscle, but I am in no way some fit freak. I’m not training for any bikini or figure competitions, and I am not here to encourage you to go on some fitness “journey” as this community likes to call it; I am just here to tell it like it is. My goal is to provide you all with some insight, the good and the bad, and sometimes, the hard truth that no one else will tell you. So all you internet people, come on in and enjoy our little chat.



(the average fit girl.. get it.. hah..)


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