Who am I?

Good morning friends!

In the words of Eminem- guess whose back? Life has gotten in the way of this blog and I figured I would make this return a bit more fun with a quick post of telling you all who I am. So.. here we go.

My name is Alyssa and I am a 22 year old, graduate student chasing my dreams of becoming a doctor of physical therapy. I have a huge passion for lifting, keeping my body active and eating doughnuts. I haven’t always had those passions though.. except maybe the doughnuts.

My fitness passion came around my sophomore year of college, when I realized that I had actually put on a few of those freshman pounds, despite all of the denial convincing myself that I hadn’t. I hit the gym once-sometimes twice, every day. Hopping right onto the elliptical and pedaling until that 60 minute mark came around. I did some ab work, some light stretching and went on my way. I saw some initial results, some slimming and tightening that I was proud of- but then I stalled. I wanted something more, but I was way too scared to go into that scary room of all the weights, the huge guys and the judgement.

One day when the gym was particularly empty, I ventured into the weight room with some knowledge that I had from a few of my athletic training classes that fall, and picked up some weights. I never turned back. Lifting gives you the power to feel strong, be strong, and shape your body in a way that cardio cannot. Cardio for sure has its place for increased efficiency in delivering blood to your bodies tissues, increasing your cardiovascular endurance, bone density, and so much more- but lifting is a whole other beast that brings out this sort of intensity that is hard to resist.

So since that one day, when I gained the courage to walk into that lifting gym, I have been researching and learning and watching videos, and now I create workouts that not only satisfy both my cardiovascular and muscular health, but that are fun to do. Do I fall off and skip a few workouts here and there? Absolutely, because I am human of course, and I’m not training for any physique competitions, but fitness has become a lifestyle-my lifestyle, and I am never going back.

Until next time,



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