Quick Ways to Slim Down for the New Year

Hello internet people! Welcome to my very first post on this new blog. To start off this page, I figured I would touch upon a subject that I am sure a lot of you are going to be curious about as the new year rolls around: Quick ways to slim down for the new year! So lets get right into it.

The first tip that I have to share with all of you is to nix the idea that “slimming down” is going to be quick. Here in the fitness community, the words quick, fast, and easy are buzz words- they are the words that catch people’s attention because we all want that instant gratification and that quick fix. The truth is, that isn’t how fitness works. So instead of flirting with the dream of an instant slim down, lets explore what can really help you to become fit in the new year. Because new year, new me and all that, right?

(Real) Tip #1 – Water is your friend

So we have all heard this before- water is great, drink more water, and so on.. but why exactly is water so great for us? Plain and simple reason: we ARE water. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60-65% water. So doesn’t it just make sense, if we need water to function, we should keep hydrated? The thing is, most of us don’t.

An easy way to consume more water in your everyday routine, is to always have a water bottle in reach. It is such an easy little tip that could really help. I keep a 32oz water bottle on me at all times, whether it is in my purse, in my car as I am driving, or in my backpack on my way to class. When I am sitting at my desk, I keep my water in sight so that when I see it, I drink it. Like everything else, it just becomes a habit. I try to drink at least 2 servings of 32oz per day, or more if I plan to get a work out in that day.

Drinking water right when I wake up has also been a great little tool for me. It kicks off my day right, gets me hydrated before I down my first cup of coffee, and overall makes my body feel a little bit more prepared to take on the day. That might just be me, but try it out! A nice cool glass of water in the morning before you do anything else, what do you have to lose?

(Real) Tip #2

Be realistic. Losing 30 pounds in 1 month is not possible (if you are being healthy and safe). It is safe to lose anywhere from 1-2 pounds in a weeks time. So use these numbers as a guideline for your goal setting. (Blog post about how to lose 1-2 pounds per week to come!) A goal to lose 2 pounds every week is aggressive, but doable, and most of all- it is realistic. Setting yourself up with goals that can be done is a way to keep motivation high, and to get that instant feedback; because lets face it, no one wants to create a goal that they can’t meet. Being realistic in your endeavors can make sure that you can meet those goals, and continue to push for the long term.

So lets start you all off with those two “quick” (see what I did there?) tips. After all, we are still feeling each other out on this whole blogging business, right?

Much more to come and much love,




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